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Start your resource planning with the largest supplier of education resources to schools in Australia. We offer customised solutions for digital, print & stationery resources, booklists, book hire, library books & digital integrations in any combination that works best for your school.



Access to the largest range of digital eTexts, including flat and interactive resources and online program providers and subscriptions.



Textbooks, novels, study guides, class sets, library books and teacher resources from the largest to the most niche publishers.


Complete range of stationery including pens, binders, exercise books, art supplies, calculators, computer accessories, safety equipment and more.

Content from Australia’s widest range of publishers

Want something unique? We work with thousands of suppliers and offer flexibility to meet your requirements. Here are just a few…

Flexible Services & Purchasing Options

We have a variety of options to deliver resources to your students, tailored to your school and state education department requirements. Whether you’re in the government, Catholic or independent school system, we’ll create solutions for you.

Booklists / Resource Lists

Resource lists enable parents and students to purchase all their school resources with ease.
  • Easy to prepare on online ResourceList Builder.
  • Combine textbooks, digital resources and stationery into one list.
  • Access for all teaching faculty.
  • Easy ordering for parents and students.

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Book Hire and Class Sets

If your school operates with an annual book hire facility for students or requires bulk class sets of resources, we can support you with:
  • Textbooks
  • English novels
  • Quoting on orders
  • Book preparation
  • Delivery to your school

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Equipping your libraries 

Our literacy and library specialists provide regular recommendations on the latest titles, across primary, young adult and fiction novels.

If your school is teaching on a particular topic or issue, equip your library with resources to support your students.

We can help you select from a range of titles in both:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction

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Fully customisable digital integrations

We do all the set-up for you, so students have their digital resources on day one

No more problems with setting up student account logins, activating publisher access codes, publisher website bookmarks clogging up the browser, lost passwords and lost hours in the classroom. We work with you to customise a solution that integrates with your existing systems, where teachers and students can access all their digital content in one spot.

Everything is done for you.

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“The thing that stands out for me is the fact that Campion Education is a one-stop-shop for students to buy all their textbooks, eBooks and stationery needs. It’s MyConnect with everything in one spot, and the parents can just go to one website and order everything. It’s just so convenient.”

Leanne Miller, Head of Library Services