Bayside P-12 College, VIC

“Provisioning of user accounts and SSO, they’re the two things that we didn’t have previously with our digital provider, but we’ve got now with Campion and I’m loving it – it’s so good.”

Bayside College offers a variety of programs for students Prep to Year 12, with campuses located in Williamstown, Altona North and Newport, VIC. We spoke with Corey Johnson, who told us about his experiences coming on board with Campion Education.

Bayside needed a new digital solution that supported online publisher content and dealt with multiple publishers, as well as Single Sign-On and provisioning of students accounts, which they did not have with their previous supplier.

“When we first started on eTexts, which was quite a while ago now, I think we’ve been using digital content for 8 years, it was a real nightmare. With our previous supplier, we used to do all the user logins with CSV files and it was really time consuming.”

Campion worked with Bayside to set up provisioning for students accounts and Single Sign-On.

“Moving across to Campion and working with Paul and Peter, we found the syncing and user setup for our students really easy. Edval now syncs straight in to set up our student users, it’s really good. Students’ subjects and classes sync across automatically, so in the back-end, the students automatically get the books they need, I don’t need to intervene. All of that was manual handling with CSV files before coming over to Campion. There’s not a lot of hands-on stuff anymore, it’s really automated, I’m loving it!”

“To tell you the truth I was a little bit nervous about moving to a new system, because when you’re talking about 800 students using it, it can get messy, but the move across was really good, really seamless.”

“Single Sign-On is another good addition. Our SSO is with Google and the kids already have their Google accounts, so tying it up in the background, students don’t have to learn another username and password, it’s seamless.”

“With MyConnect, the students already knew their usernames and passwords, so all we had to do was ask them to go to MyConnect and use their Google credentials. This meant we didn’t have a lot of students approaching us not knowing what to do, so it was really good, seamless.”

“One of the biggest benefits with MyConnect is the ability to work offline, especially in the last 6 months, when we’ve been remote learning. Not all of our students have the luxury of fast internet at home and we’ve been doing a lot of remote learning, so having that ability to work offline and not having to rely on the internet too much is great.”

“With the MyConnect app, there are so many things it can do, like bookmarking and highlighting and you can push that out to users, so it seems like a lot of work has gone into the MyConnect application, and that’s a really good sign as well.”

Campion prides itself on providing responsive customer service and support.

“In all honesty, I can’t talk highly enough of Peter and Paul from Campion. Especially at the start, when we were getting SSO up and running, I was working late at night at home, and I shot off an email to Peter and pretty much got a response straight away, so that’s pretty good! I didn’t expect support at that time, but he was online and got back to me anyway.”

“If we have had any type of issue, which we haven’t had a lot, I just shoot Campion an email and they get back to me really promptly. I can’t fault the support.”

“Overall, the biggest positive impact on the school has been automated user set up. It is fantastic. I didn’t realise how much time it was taking. It’s 5 minutes here or 15 minutes there, but when you add it up it’s a fair chunk of time, so not having to do that anymore is great. At the start of each year, I’d have to get hundreds of users set up, so that was a bit crazy. We’ve gained a bit more time back. I don’t have to worry about the setting up of anything, it’s pretty much automated.”

“I would recommend Campion for three reasons, the ease of the automated student account setup, the simplicity of SSO and their responsive staff. Also, the ease of the day-to-day running of it.”

“I don’t even think about it, I don’t think about Campion in all honesty, because I don’t have to, and that’s a real positive, it runs smoothly and seamlessly and I don’t have students saying I can’t do this, I can’t access that – it just works.”