Brigidine College, St Ives, NSW

“Now that all their resources are in one place, on one digital bookshelf in MyConnect it’s just so much easier than when we started out. We just tell the students to go to Campion MyConnect to access all of their digital textbooks and that makes life a lot simpler.”

Brigidine College is an independent Catholic secondary day school for girls located in St Ives, on the North Shore of Sydney, New South Wales. We spoke with Leanne Miller who has been instrumental in implementing these new solutions and technologies.

“Part of my role at the beginning of the year is to run an orientation program and one of the sessions was dedicated to setting up digital textbooks. We were in a room of up to 50 students trying to set up all their digital textbook accounts with all the different publishers, but if they didn’t have an access code, then we couldn’t get access and then it was reliant on the student doing it at home. With varying degrees of IT knowledge, we would invariably not have a lot of success. It was very hit and miss. There was a lot of time spent in classes trying to get things organised and set up for students.”

“Things have been so much better with Campion SecureConnect and the provisioning service and it has definitely made our roll out of new textbooks to students and the orientation program a whole lot smoother.”

“Most of the provisioning is done by IT teams at the College and Campion. Their collaboration and clear communication allowed a very seamless set up and its all working well now.”

“Going back 5 years, all the ebooks were in different locations, so we’d have to set up a new account on each individual publishers website, and there would be lots of bookmarks sitting at the top of their Chrome browser. Every HOD would choose a different textbook, so there would be 5 different publishers and 5 different bookmarks sitting up the top crowding out the bookmark bar. There are different login requirements for each publishers’ websites, which was very confusing for students. It was a nightmare.”

“There is definitely less administrative work for our IT team, it’s a set and forget thing, so once the link is there you don’t have to worry, everything gets synced at night and updated and Campion is automatically notified of any new students, so that makes it a whole lot easier.”

“There are links from our portal and they can access their flat PDF in MyConnect or they can go through to the different publisher websites, using the LTI interactive links and then access their rich and interactive content, in addition to another copy of the flat textbook if they want to.”

“It’s all in one spot, we have single sign-on, so when the students are at school they just need to logon to their laptop and then just click on a link and it takes them straight through. So no passwords are needed.”

“The thing that stands out for me is the fact that Campion Education is a one-stop-shop for students to buy all their textbooks, eBooks and stationery needs, that’s very useful for us.“

“For parents it is really useful because a lot of the time they are ordering their books at the end of the year, when everyone’s tired, it’s coming up to Christmas and they’ve got other things on their mind, so just being able to go to and order everything in one spot, it makes it just so easy.”

“Overall I would recommend Campion Education, and why? It’s the one-stop-shop, it’s MyConnect with everything in one spot, and the parents can just go to one website and order everything. It’s just so convenient.”