Curriculum changes and new editions for 2018


“Do I need to get the new edition of this textbook?”

This is a question we’ve received from many students and parents recently as they’ve been ordering their 2018 resources.

In our experience, if a school has listed a new edition of a textbook or digital content on the school’s resource list, then it means that the teachers plan to use that edition in class in the coming school year and want all students to be using the same resources.

When students are all using the same resources it helps to reduce disruption in the classroom which increases teaching and learning time.

This year, new resources have been published for a variety of subjects and year levels to meet new state education requirements across Australia, together with the ongoing implementation of the Australian Curriculum. In most cases, this results in new editions of textbooks and digital content.

If you are seeking second-hand resources where new editions have been listed by your school, we strongly recommend you check any guidance that the school has provided, so that your child’s learning time is not affected in class or at home.

For more information about how each state is managing their curriculum, you can visit the state education department website links below:


New South Wales:


Western Australia:

South Australia:

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