Presbyterian Ladies’ College, WA

“The initial setup, transfer and move between the two companies was very easy.”

Presbyterian Ladies’ College is an independent, day and boarding school predominantly for girls, situated in Perth, WA. PLC moved from their previous supplier to partner with Campion Education for the 2019/20 season. We spoke with Doug De Kock about his experience with moving across to Campion Education.

“Our previous provider had a digital solution, but the setup was a fairly manual process and we were unable to have all our digital content and links in one place for the students.”

“Our brother school, Scotch, already had a relationship with Campion Education, and their experience had been positive, so it was logical that we explored Campion first and foremost.”

“What attracted us to Campion was that they provided the same level of service, and then some.”


The move was not going to be a massive change for our community, with a similar online ordering process, a slight change for teachers with the book-building part, but Campion were able to migrate our old data and historical booklists from the previous supplier over, source the same items and apply the Campion model to them, so it made the initial setup, transfer and move between the two companies very easy.”

“Then of course, we considered the seamless operation of the booklist process, providing and sourcing equipment and fast delivery times, so basically the level of service was superior, which was why we made the jump and our experience for the year 7 to 10s has been excellent.”

Campion worked alongside PLC to implement Campion SecureConnect (CSC) and provisioning for their students accounts.

“…all our digital resources, even the external third party digital providers’ links which have lived all over the place in bookmarks and in SEQTA, are now in MyConnect, so everything resides in the same place.”

“Our Technical Coordinator worked with Campion to get the initial setup in place. Once CSC was setup, there was no manual intervention, we didn’t need to have a spreadsheet exchanging hands between individuals, with someone on our end downloading and someone at Campion’s end uploading, the systems could talk to each other. When any new student comes on board, they are picked up by CSC and added to the system. Overnight it syncs, so their account is automatically created. As soon as their parents make a purchase, the student has access to the necessary learning materials in MyConnect. There is no lag period.”

“It’s reduced the workload for our IT team as well, once it’s in place it’s set and forget. PLC also worked with Campion to deliver a true SSO experience for our community.”

Campion worked with PLC to set up MyConnect and integration with their LMS, SEQTA.

“Previously we didn’t have all our resources in one place. Students would have to open our previous provider’s app, open the relevant textbook, but often the digital resource lives on the web elsewhere, so the student would have to bookmark it, remember where the bookmark is, or open SEQTA and get the teacher to provide the link.”

“Campion has been able to facilitate putting all our digital resources, even the external third party digital providers’ links which have lived all over the place in bookmarks and in SEQTA, into MyConnect, so now everything resides in the same place.”

“This is something we haven’t had before, and it’s a significant benefit for our students. MyConnect simplifies the process of accessing learning resources considerably. Students don’t have to hunt for bookmarks or links – everything is in one place.”

“The way MyConnect integrates with SEQTA is brilliant because you can put a hyperlink in SEQTA and go straight to the particular page and section in the specific digital resource, and it actually opens within SEQTA, this simplifies things even further.”

Campion prides itself on providing exceptional customer service.

“Our Campion liaison, Mike Ellis, and his team have been fantastic. I see him almost on a weekly basis. Campion are prompt to action requests, guide us through their booklist building process, and answer questions along the way. If Mike doesn’t know the answer, he knows who does and redirects the information there, or has that person contact me directly, so the support from the individuals has been excellent. Campion have always been very willing to work with us on providing the best resourcing experience to our school community. I have nothing but praise for them.”

“Campion has the staff and the systems to provide and deliver an excellent service. It’s a point of difference.”

“Overall, resource list creation and the supply and provisioning of both digital and physical resources to our families is the stand-out feature and the most valued service. The other services Campion provide are icing on the cake, for example, the fact that Campion have librarians and teacher librarians who are able to advise and source additional materials. We have found Campion really sharp in terms of pricing for bulk orders. We always shop around to get our teacher resources at the best price, but we’ve found that with Campion’s business clout and connections with publishers, they have been able to secure what we need at really reasonable prices.”

“Some things like publishing dates can be outside of Campion’s hands, but they are on the ball and have our student enrolments and best estimate of what we are going to need, and with decent leading times, in most cases, resources arrive on time.”

“I would definitely recommend Campion. That is an easy yes. Campion are professional and effective in delivering what they promise. Getting the term started is always a challenge, but with Campion supplying resources to the students we know that they can arrive at school with the requisite learning materials. Campion can handle it all.”

“Campion have always been very willing to work with us on providing the best resourcing experience to our school community. I’ve had nothing but praise for them.”