Skyline continues to grow, last year supporting more talented & disadvantaged students, with the help of community donors like Campion Education

Each year, more than 100 VCE students in Victoria from disadvantaged backgrounds are the recipients of textbooks, digital resources and stationery donations.

Skyline Education Foundation Australia provides intensive support for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds, for the last two years of their secondary education. In 2019, Skyline engaged more students and more schools in their unique, evidence based, equity program and empowered the lives of more than ever before high ability students, who are constrained by their circumstances. Many of these students find themselves in a situation where they are working two jobs by the age of 15 and simply do not have the time, resources and emotional support to achieve their full potential in year 12.

Each year, since partnering with Skyline in 2017, Campion Education facilitates orders, picking and packing donations of vital education supplies from publishers including; Oxford, Pearson, Jacaranda, Nelson Cengage Learning, Cambridge University Press, Matilda Education, Oxford University Press, as well as stationery suppliers such as ACCO, to ensure Skyline students have the books and stationery necessary to empower them to realise their dreams.

“At Campion Education, helping schools provide the very best learning outcomes for students is at our very core, and we feel strongly that all students should have equal opportunities, no matter their background or financial situation”, says James Cathro, Campion Education’s Managing Director, “Skyline are doing brilliant work in supporting disadvantaged students to achieve their potential and we will continue to assist them support more and more students every year”.

Skyline held their Annual Reception over Zoom video conferencing on Wednesday April 22 with more than 125 live virtual attendees. Katrina Reynen, Chair Skyline and Jane Sydenham-Clarke, Chief Executive Officer spoke about the foundation’s achievements in 2019, and Heba Blair, a talented Skyline Year 12 Student from Yea High School was the MC for the evening.

The group heard from Skyline Companion Teachers, Justice Lex Lasry AM, QC, Patron Skyline, as well as many of the Skyline Alumnus Class of 2018 & 2019, who thanked the Foundation and had positive and inspiring anecdotes to share. Some advice from alumni to students going into year 12 included “take every opportunity given to you, you can really go far” and “surround yourself with good people, find your purpose.” These driven and hard-working alumni have been able to achieve so much through the program, financially enabling them to reduce their work hours and focus on study, as well as receiving emotional support through critical programs. Many of the alumni are now the first member of their family to graduate from higher education.

“In 2020, however, there are unprecedented challenges facing Skyline as the COVID-19 pandemic has its negative impact on students” says Jane Sydenham-Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, Skyline Education Foundation Australia, “many students have lost their critical casual jobs, removing their essential food and housing security income contributions from their families. They are now unable to participate in our previously planned physical engagements. Many are forced back into already dysfunctional homes where mental illness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction and generational poverty are pernicious themes.”

Now, more than ever, it is an important time to support the work of the Skyline Education Foundation, that relies solely on the support and philanthropy of the community. Visit the Skyline website for more info or to donate:

Campion Education thanks Skyline Education Foundation Australia for their continued work in supporting the education of future generations.

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