St Bede’s College, VIC

“The single point of contact is what Campion does really well. The “we’re doing it all for you” attitude and the conduit between us and the publishers, so you receive a consistent approach and access to all the eTexts and resources in one place.”

St Bede’s College is an independent Catholic secondary school for boys, at Mentone Beach in Melbourne. We spoke with David Cracknell, who told us about his experiences working with Campion Education.

“Campion was handling our textbooks first. We were using another digital platform, but when they dropped one of the major publishers, we thought we’d go individually to all the publishers, however quickly realised that could be a nightmare.”

“We heard horror stories from schools that had tried to manage their own connections to each individual publisher and the difficulties that came from having to set up 4 or 5 different accounts with 4 or 5 individual publishers, having to call each one to receive a new student login, and having to go through each publishers portal to get them connected. It becomes a dogs-breakfast of all different publisher portals.”

“Each of those publishers have their own methods for delivering their resources, which causes all sorts of confusion with passwords and levels of service provision and support, so we chose Campion Education because we wanted a one-stop-shop.”

“When we went to Campion the transition was extremely smooth, they ran an efficient operation and dealing with the expertise of some of the staff in the digital area was a massive plus.”

“Campion helped us to understand our digital needs and formulate our digital strategy by working hard to establish the most effective system for our situation..”

“Campion is innovative. Campion is proactive in development. The products have been reliable, the product has been evolving, and as a result they offer an up-to-date and consistent way we can access our digital resources.”

“Campion is super responsive with support questions, Feedback from staff is very positive, because we’ve kept the process simple, but efficient. It’s been fantastic.”

“Rather than pushing a particular way of doing things, campion were responsive to our specific needs. They don’t just say “here’s a product, you’ve paid – off you go”, they care about how they can make sure it works for you.”

“I’d recommend Campion Education and MyConnect digital because it is a one-stop-shop for dealing with all the digital products that you need.

You have the support, you have the expertise digitally and you have the future development of the apps that you want, so that you’re moving forward and becoming more efficient every time we put a new release of the Campion product out.“