Campion Education has authorisation from all 6 of the major educational publishers (Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Nelson Cengage, Jacaranda and Macmillan) to sell, provide and host digital resources within our platform, Campion MyConnect.

Campion is also the only e-text distributor who has GITC accredited (GITC number Q-6205 – Qassure number 15341) and is an approved supplier to the Department of Education and Training for the provision of classroom resources on Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA)DET65864.

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Integrate and aggregate your digital content with Campion MyConnect.

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Campion MyConnect gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to digital content.
MyConnect gives you the power to integrate your digital content into your school’s learning environment and aggregate all your content in one simple location.


Flexibility is the key to making digital learning work. MyConnect gives you the ability to integrate digital content in a way that works for your school.

Single sign-on

Simplify access for your students with a single point to store and access all your digital content.

Integrate your own content

Upload, embed or deep-link to your own content to enhance your resources and lesson plans.

LMS Connections

Integrate your digital content with your Learning Management System

Easy onboarding

Onboarding is made easy with a single purchase point for parents and options for students to be fully set up at the start of the year.


Aggregation makes things simple – everything you need – all in one place.

Publisher connections

Connect to thousands of digital resources from the largest publishers to the most niche – easily accessed from a single point

Full support

Access to full support for your entire school community to ensure you get the most out of your digital resources.

Print & Digital combinations

Tailor your digital transition to a pace that works for your whole school community by accessing a range of print and digital options.

BYOD fully supported

Synchronise content across multiple devices, allowing your school’s device policy to be fully supported.