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Campion MyConnect 2 is the future
of textbooks and digital content.

Expect more. 

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Campion MyConnect 2 is intuitive, collaborative and makes it easy for teachers and students to customise their textbooks and digital resources.

Enhance your digital learning experience.

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All your digital learning resources in one place

Campion Education is at the forefront of digital learning and Campion MyConnect 2 revolutionises the digital learning space.

This game-changing platform makes it easy to access your digital resources and textbooks, anywhere, at any time.

Everything done for you. Seamless implementation.

Toolbar Features


Choose to pick up where you left or bookmark a particular section. This function syncs across all your devices.

Read aloud

Make access to digital content easier. Highlighted text is read aloud. It is great for students with literacy and learning difficulties or if they need additional help to pronounce a word.


Enhance your lesson plans and make it easier for students to engage learning materials. Draw, highlight, RichText Note taking and customise.


Navigate to individual pages, view your textbook in your preferred format and search using the targeted search function.

Customised learning experiences

Campion MyConnect 2 makes it easy to take digital to the next level. We work with you to find the best solution to customise, collaborate, integrate and organise.

Take your lessons further.

Our advanced features let you…


Integrate with your LMS and share content to make lesson plans easily. Upload, embed or deep-link your resources and lesson plan. Compatible with all the major LMS and Google classroom.

Login in once

Campion MyConnect 2 provides a true SSO system to simplify access to content and connect you directly with your school content. Ongoing access at any time. SSO options include Microsoft 365 & Google.


Use freehand drawing or the preselected shape tool to add personal touches to your digital resources and enhance your lesson.

Work Anywhere

Download and work offline, anywhere.


Seamlessly integrate with publisher platforms and content at the click of a button. We manage everything.


Organise your bookshelf how you want and receive direct notifications.

Editable textbooks

No need for annotations – take your digital to the next level. Contact our team to find out how.

Campion MyConnect 2 is still a FREE platform.

 $0 aggregation platform fee.

Personalised School Branding Portal

Customise your school portal with your school branding & logo

Elevate your school brand with our customised school portal. We configure your portal to meet your school’s provisioning needs with Single Sign-On (SSO) access to all major publishers and niche publishers.

Integrate with your LMS

Campion MyConnect 2 integrates with major learning systems. Compatible with the major LMS and Google Classroom, you can access your content through the same LMS you’ve always used.

Largest range of publisher content

Access to all major publishers and hundreds of niche publishers digital eBook content including Australian & State curriculums and IB curriculum.
We’re the digital market leaders and provide open and digital rights managed (DRM) eBooks for all major operating systems.

Support when you need

Access our in-app for support and connect directly to a digital expert.
Or contact us at digitalhelp@campion.com.au

Questions? We are here to help.